How to Find a Job Delivering Magazines

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Magazine delivery jobs may involve loading, unloading and driving a large van or delivery truck. You may also be responsible for carrying cases of magazines into stores, setting up displays and removing outdated issues. Individual periodicals often hire their own delivery staff, so the best place to look for a magazine delivery job is directly through the magazine’s publisher.

Prepare or update your resume. Prior to looking for magazine delivery jobs, prepare a resume that focuses on your customer service experience and previous positions that have involved driving or delivery.

Contact your professional references. Let your references know that you’re looking for a job delivering magazines and make sure that they are willing to vouch for your reliability and work ethic.

Request a copy of your driving record. Many magazine delivery jobs require a clean driving records and commercial certification on your driver’s license. As you approach magazine distributors, have written proof of your eligibility ready to submit with your application.

Contact magazine publishers and distributors. Look for magazines that are local to your area and contact the publishing company directly. You can find the address, phone number and contact person listed in a special box at the front of each magazine.

Talk to workers at stores that sell periodicals. People at supermarkets, bookstores, convenience stores and airport gifts shops all may be able to put you in contact with companies that distribute magazines.