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Salary of a Paperboy

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Newspaper delivery jobs have decreased over the last several years as more people get their news online. The early hours are also a drawback to the occupation, making many people not even consider it for supplemental or part-time work. However, for those who do not mind getting up extremely early and want to work part-time, having a paper route is a good way to earn some extra money.

Daily Delivery

Some newspapers have deliveries every day of the week. Their delivery persons have to be available all of those days. A daily newspaper delivery job posted on in June 2011 listed the salary for a newspaper delivery person at between $400 and $500 every two weeks. The job began at 2:30 a.m. and was seven days a week, for two to three hours a day. Another seven-day-per-week position in Vernal, Utah, at time of publication, paid between about $450 and $500 per month.

Once or Twice Weekly

Other newspapers only have delivery a couple of times a week. If you want to earn more money, you may need to work for a couple of different newspapers in your area that deliver on different days. Twice-weekly delivery jobs in and around Springfield, Massachusetts posted on, as of June 2011, paid between $600 and $800 per month. A weekly delivery job in Chicago and its suburbs, listed on at time of publication, paid between about $500 and $600 per month.


When you look for newspaper delivery jobs, try to find delivery jobs that offer a vehicle maintenance benefit. This can help pay for the upkeep of your car, as you will likely have to drive it on your deliveries. A newspaper delivery company in New Jersey paid $10.50 or more per hour for 20 to 30 hours per week of overnight work to delivery persons as of June 2011. The company also provided a car allowance to help with the cost of vehicle use and maintenance. You might also earn tips as a newspaper delivery person. For example, in a delivery position at time of publication listed on in Ithaca, New York could pay between $1,050 and $1,080 per month plus tips.

Age Requirements and Part-Time

Not all newspaper delivery employers will hire teenagers anymore. Some require applicants for delivery jobs to be at least 18 years old. In fact, only 13.2 percent of newspaper carriers were youth as of 2008, which was down from 70 percent in 1990, according to Tom Vanderbilt of the blog How We Drive. The days and hours of a delivery schedule also vary widely. A position may last for two to four hours a couple days a week, while others require getting up early almost every day. Salary will also vary by location and employer. The job typically requires having a reliable vehicle, too, as newspaper distribution companies have become more prominent. In times past, routes were done by foot or bike.


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