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Casting Producer Responsibilities

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Both freelance and "in-house" casting producers are responsible for getting an acting team together that will make up the cast of a TV show, movie or advertisement. This role requires a lot of networking and working with agents. Also known as casting directors, they are involved in all aspects of the process, from sending the call for actors out to negotiating salaries.

New Talent

Casting producers must keep on top of new and emerging talent so they have a good idea of who is out there when it comes time for casting. They must also build relationships with agents, directors and producers.

Define Roles

The casting director works directly with the producer and director of a project to understand clearly the characters that need to be cast for the project. This includes all actors required, from the star to the extras. The casting producer will write a character description for each role.

Identify Actors

At the beginning of a new film, TV or advertising project, the casting director will start to fill acting roles by creating a job notice and contacting agents. Casting directors have a good idea of what the project's directors and producers are looking for and are able to prescreen candidates.

Arrange Auditions

Casting producers will arrange audition time and locations with potential actors so they can be screened by the project's director and producers. Depending on the size of the project, the casting director may hold pre-auditions in advance of the main auditions with the director to refine the list of candidates.


Once the right actor has been selected, the casting director will complete the logistics and negotiations necessary to begin work. This might include negotiating salary, schedules and program credits with actors and their agents.


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