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How to Write a Staffing Proposal

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Proposals can make the difference between a project's successful liftoff or its indefinite stagnation. The staffing plan component of the proposal is especially important given that the hiring of personnel is both the biggest cost input and the most tangible benefit of a new project. Staffing proposals are written in the "Project Description" component of the proposal where the bulk of the make or break details are held. Writing a first rate staffing plan will guarantee that your project has an edge over the competition.

Explain how you plan to staff your proposed project. You will need to have a clear idea of exactly what sort of positions will be required to to complete the project. Provide a list of positions that need to filled. Provide descriptions of what each position's roll will be. Explain how each position relates to each other position by providing a hierarchy of project management.

Fill your positions with potential candidates. You should have people lined up to fill each position before you send your proposal, as it greatly increases the confidence of potential funding sources to know that your project already has access to the necessary human resources.

Profile each position's candidate. Provide short resumes for each of your potential employees. Put these resumes in the proposal along with your staffing plan. These resumes should represent the most significant achievements of each employee. You want your potential funding source to know that you have selected the best men and women for the job.

Mention any other vital staffing details. Most commonly this means providing the names and resumes of any outside contractors you intend to bring into the project.


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