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If You Get Called for a Pre-employment Appointment Does That Mean You Got the Job?

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Pre-employment appointments don't necessarily mean you got the job, but it's a very good sign when you get a call to report to your prospective employer for a pre-employment meeting. Based on many organizations' hiring practices, pre-employment appointments are the last step before the company either makes an offer or conducts an informal interview where the hiring manager introduces you to future colleagues to determine if you really are a good fit for the job and company. Either way, it's a good sign, but not a guarantee that you'll get the job.

When HR Calls You

If you're summoned to a pre-employment appointment by a member of the human resources staff, it could simply be a formality in the company's hiring and selection process. Before extending an offer of employment, many recruiters assist hiring managers by assembling required paperwork, such as background check applications, fingerprints for criminal history inquiries or pre-employment skills tests. Whenever you get a call from HR to come in for a pre-employment meeting, ask if you need to bring documentation, such as proof of work authorization, certifications or licenses, or professional references.