Recommended Work Boots for Oil Rig Workers

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Steel Toe

Steel-toed boots are a standby of almost every work boot brand. The toe is reinforced with steel to offer protection from heavy objects and machinery. These boots can range in price from around $40 to $100. Steel-toed boots often are combined with one or more other useful features such as waterproofing and insulation.


The soles of oil- and slip-resistant work boots are specially made to provide superior traction on wet, slippery or oily surfaces. Tommy McLaughlin of the Construction Gear Guru Blog reports that "an estimated 300,000 American workers are injured each year on the job due to poor traction." The best of these boots use stitch-down construction to bind the sole to the upper boot. This is the only kind of construction that can be resoled.


Some waterproof boots are simply leather work boots that have been treated with a waterproofing element. However, many boot manufacturers now use Gore-tex to make their waterproof boots. Gore-tex contains "pores" that absorb water, keeping your feet dry and your comfort at a premium. Depending on sole construction and the type of waterproofing involved, boots can range in price from $40 to around $110.


Insulated boots are differentiated by the number of "grams" contained in the insulation. Boots with lower amounts, around 200 grams, of insulation are recommended for work in cool or normal conditions where the wearer of the boots is generating a lot of body heat from high levels of activity. Higher gram levels such as 400 are made for winter wear or cold weather, where the wearer generates a moderate amount of body heat.