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Hospitality Coordinator Duties

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Hospitality coordinators provide useful services that enhance the lives of individuals in a number of industries. They can work in health care, delivering services to patients and their families; in the tourism industry, working with hotel and resort guests; or for nonprofit organizations, helping to oversee events and activities. No matter the industry, hospitality coordinators serve a number of important functions in their role.

Address Client Needs

Hospitality coordinators work one-on-one with patients and clients who need support. In a hospital setting, the hospitality coordinator might create a menu for patients and ensure that their meals are delivered on time. The hospitality coordinator at a resort might ensure that guests have beach towels in their rooms and coordinate any special accommodations they need. In short, a hospitality coordinator makes sure that the clients of a business or organization have their needs addressed.

Build Service Plans

Though providing day-to-day services is part of a hospitality coordinator's duties, she also looks at the organization's big-picture service plan. Together with executives, the hospitality coordinator establishes the overall service goals for the organization. Perhaps the organization wants to ensure that all requests are responded to within 15 minutes, or it wants to build a menu of services from which clients can choose. The hospitality coordinator will help coordinate and establish these service plans.

Evaluates Organization's Service

The hospitality coordinator regularly evaluates the organization's service. In a hospital setting, he might create and distribute surveys to give to current and past patients to assess their opinion of the hospital's service. He might conduct focus-group interviews with past hotel guests to find out what services are most important to them. Results can guide the hospitality coordinator in establishing an organization-wide service plan.

Serves as Friendly Face of Organization

The hospitality coordinator is the individual that clients will associate with the organization. In a nonprofit setting, the hospitality coordinator will attend fundrasiers and events, greeting potential donors, answering any questions and mingling with the crowd. Hospitality coordinators use their people skills to interface directly with the individuals who they will provide services to. Thus, they spend much of their time working with clients and ensuring their happiness.


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