Church Facility Manager Checklist

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A church facility manager ensures that the church campus is appropriately cared for and ready for scheduled activities. As facility manager you may also manage others who clean the building, provide lawn care, maintain the building and equipment or decorate the building for services and special events, such as weddings, funerals, workshops and classes.

Sunday Preparation Checklist

Prior to Sunday services, walk through the church to ensure that the building is ready for the day’s activities. This includes making sure the bathrooms have plenty of supplies, any burned-out light bulbs are replaced, classrooms have tables and chairs in the appropriate configuration, carpets have been vacuumed and the kitchen is ready for use. In the sanctuary, verify that flowers are on the altar, hymnbooks and Bibles are neatly arranged in the pew racks and offering plates are ready for the ushers to use. Take one last look to verify that the custodial staff cleaned all areas of the sanctuary.

Special Events Preparation Checklist

The facility manager’s checklist for special events varies according to the type of events. You will direct staff in setting up flowers for funerals or weddings. Separate rooms may accommodate grieving family members or a nervous bridal party. Pay special attention to the kitchen and fellowship hall with events that include food, including setting up tables and chairs, providing equipment for or assisting with the decorations and ensuring that volunteers can find necessary equipment such as serving utensils and coffee pots. During the event, maintain a visible presence to accommodate any unforeseen needs.

Routine Maintenance Checklist

Follow a regular schedule to inspect the interior and exterior of the church to ensure that the building and equipment stay in working order. Inspect the grounds for hazards and perform necessary care such as hedge and tree trimming, weeding in the flowerbeds and litter control. Collect and see that maintenance requests are carried out. Prior to winter the checklist will include winterizing the building, checking the heating system and storing lawn equipment. Prior to summer verify that air conditioners function, lawn equipment is ready for use and spring plantings are done on schedule. Inspect the building and roof following a violent storm to determine if any repairs are needed.

Contracted Services Checklist

The church facility manager may either contract out maintenance services not supplied by church staff or utilize volunteers. Maintain a working relationship with volunteers who may provide some of the required services, notifying them of possible projects and reducing the church expenditures. When volunteers and church staff cannot provide the needed repairs, contact local contractors with a list of needs, take bids and assist the pastor or business manager to determine who will supply the necessary services. Supervise the work and verify the charges on the final bill.