Property Manager Duties and Responsibilities

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The job of a property manager comes with many different responsibilities, with the ultimate goal of keeping the rental site a pleasant and safe place for tenants to live. The property manager keeps all aspects of the rental site running smoothly, so the owner does not have to worry about it.

Filling Vacancies

Filling vacant rental units is a major responsibility of the property manager. When apartments are left empty, the company loses money because it is not collecting rent from tenants. It is the responsibility of the property manager to decide on a competitve rate for the rent, advertise the unit, arrange for the space to be shown to potential tenants and perform background checks before allowing new tenants to sign the lease.

Managing Staff

The property manager is responsible for managing the staff and any outside workers hired to perform services for the building. He must make sure that the work of these employees is up to par and that they are paid on time. He must also deal with any other issues relating to his staff.

Collecting Rent

The property manager is responsible for ensuring that customers pay their rent on time. When a tenant signs a rental contract with the company, the property manager must discuss rental payment rules with her. She must understand the amount she is expected to pay for rent each month, the day that it is due, and any late fees that will be incurred if these rules are not followed. If a tenant does not pay her rent, the property manager must send her late notices, charge her late fees, and eventually evict her if she continues to not pay.

Maintenance Requests

Tenants direct maintenance requests to the property manager, and he is responsible for ensuring that they are completed. Although he is not typically the person who completes the request, he serves as the liaison between the tenant and the staff member or outside service worker who is assigned to the task.

Building Safety

The property manager is responsible for ensuring that the building is a safe place for tenants to live. He must make sure that it is always up to the city code regulation standards, that proper insurance polices are in place, and that it follows all other applicable laws.