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How Much Does a Marine Get Paid After Getting Married?

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When a marine gets married and starts a family, basic military pay and many incentives and allowances remain unaffected. Depending on the type of mission you serve and the financial situation of your family, however, you may qualify for a couple of family-based allowances.

Basic Pay

Marines receive basic pay according to military pay charts. These charts outline the salary you receive, determined by the years of service and pay grade, the latter of which is determined by rank.

Enlisted marines receive between $1546.80 and $7584.60 per month, while warrant officers earn from $2868.30 to $9408.30 per month. Commissioned officers earn the most, receiving a monthly salary between $2934.30 and $19762.50.

For upper-rank marines, such as sergeants major and sergeants gunnery major, pay increases stop after 38 years of service, while lower ranks, like master sergeant and first sergeant, earn pay increases up to their 30th year of service. Getting married does not affect the amount of basic pay you earn.

Allowances and Benefits for Married Marines

When marines perform missions that separate them from their family members for 30 uninterrupted days or more, a family separation allowance pays up to $250 per month. The family subsistence supplemental allowance program, which is separate from the FSA, helps marines with families experiencing difficult financial circumstances. Marines with dependents receive more money when they qualify for the basic housing allowances.

Benefits that do not depend on marriage include special and incentive pay, including assignment incentive pay, hazardous duty incentive pay, hardship duty pay and hostile fire or imminent danger pay. The basic allowance for subsistence, worth an extra $357.55 per month for enlisted and $246.24 monthly for officers, also remain unaffected by marriage.


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