Navy Chaplain Salary

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Navy chaplains, or ministers, are ordained clergy members who provide spiritual guidance to the men and women of the United States Navy. There are many faiths a chaplain can represent, including Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist. Chaplains work, live and eat with the soldiers or the Navy 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to aiding their fellow employees, chaplains also spread the word of God to nonbelievers as they travel around the world.

Starting Slary

The starting salary for a U.S. Navy chaplain is $24,000 a year. After four years of service, a Navy chaplain's salary can increase to as much as $78,500. Chaplains do not have to go through the same rigors as other officers do, but they do have to pass a military commissioning physical and enlist in the Navy, either as active duty or reserve chaplains.

Financial Aid

Navy chaplains with outstanding seminary school and/or graduate school student loans can receive additional financial aid to assist them with paying off their debt. The Navy provides up to $40,000 to chaplains for repaying their student loans.


Navy chaplains earn a plethora of benefits in addition to their salaries. Benefits include free housing, paid vacation, discounts on travel and entertainment, full medical and dental insurance, and an allowance for food and clothing.


Navy chaplains get to travel the world for free while on duty. Part of their job is to spread the word of God to nonbelievers all over the globe. While traveling, chaplains also get to meet peers in their profession and attend continuing education seminars.