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Personality Types A, B & C at Work

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The workplace is filled with people who have different personalities and career aspirations. Knowing the different personality types will help you to understand what drives different individuals. Managers can use these personality types to better reach all employees within a company. It must noted that people are not easily pigeonholed and may display more than one personality type depending on the situation and their personal needs.

Type A

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The type A personality has a bottom-line approach to work. Type A personalities are not bothered by details but are interested in the big picture. Type A personalities tend to be very goal oriented and practical in their solutions to problems -- this makes them very competitive. Such individuals tend to be leaders and embrace change, real entrepreneurial in spirit and not afraid to take risks. Working with type A personalities can be difficult because such persons are worried about themselves and tend to be bossy and very impatient.

Type B

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Type B personalities are persons who want acceptance and want everyone to like them. These personality types are great at building relationships. Type B personalities value being recognized for their accomplishments. At the workplace, type B personalities may spend more time socializing with co-workers rather than completing work. Strengths of type B personalities include their enthusiasm, ability to influence others and ability to accept change. Type B personalities are found in sales and marketing, using their personality strengths to their advantage.

Type C

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Type C personalities are very detailed oriented. Such persons are not as competitive as type A personalities and type B personalities. Type C personalities are concerned about being correct. Type C personalities are interested in logic, rationality and accuracy above all else. The type C personality can be controlling of not only themselves but also co-workers. Type C personalities in leadership positions want to be provided with all information prior to making any decision. This personality type wants to control all situations.

Type D

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Type D personalities are all about stability and routine. Such persons are the most resistant to change of all the personality types. Type D personalities are comfortable doing the same thing for long periods of time. Type D personalities tend to be good listeners and team players and are also accurate and thorough. They do not do well with disorder and cluttered work environments. Type D personalities will not express their emotions even when others are taking advantage of them, as long as the work environment is stable and secure.


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