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Housekeeping Skills for a Resume

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When you're applying for a job as a housekeeper, caretaker or a job in the hospitality industry, the employer may want to see that you have experience with certain types of housekeeping tasks. Look to the job posting for details, but in general, housekeeping tasks might include dusting, sweeping, vacuuming and deep cleaning, as well as managing inventory and ordering supplies. How you'll present that information on your resume can depend on your level of experience.

When You Don't Have Work Experience

If you don't have much work experience in housekeeping but you do have experience doing housekeeping tasks, present that information with a skills summary at the top of the resume. Before your work experience section, create a section titled "Relevant Skills." Under that, create a series of bullet points that mention the housekeeping tasks you have experience doing. For example, you might include bullets such as "Laundry and Ironing," or "Deep cleaning bathrooms and kitchens." Putting this list at the top of your resume highlights the fact that you know how to do those things; then use your cover letter to explain where you gained that experience.

When You Have Work Experience

If you've worked as a housekeeper, maid or in other positions in the hospitality industry in the past, add your housekeeping experience to your Work Experience section. List each job you've held in reverse chronological order, meaning the most recent at the top. State your job title, the employer, and the dates you worked there. Then write one or two sentences -- or create a few bullet points under the job title line -- that describe what you did in that job, focusing on duties the new employer will want you to do. If you're going to be changing linens and cleaning bathrooms, for example, talk about how you've changed linens and cleaned bathrooms in your past jobs.