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What Kind of Qualities Should a Cashier Have?

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Cashiers are employed by many types of businesses, including grocery stores, department stores, restaurants and hospitals. They are responsible for a cash register and receive payments for products or services provided by their employer. Most cashier vacancies don't require a specific qualification, but there are several personal qualities a cashier should possess.

Good Communication

A cashier must be able to communicate clearly with the public. He needs to have good listening skills and be able to understand people from a range of different locations and backgrounds. A cashier should have good basic English skills, and be comfortable talking to the public. They will need to ask and answer questions in a clear manner and be able to hold a conversation.


Cashiers represent the company they work for and must therefore be friendly and approachable. They deal with the general public on a daily basis and should always be warm and welcoming, no matter what mood they're in. A friendly disposition helps to ensure excellent customer service, which encourages customers to come back.


Customers aren't always happy with the service they're provided. A cashier needs to be understanding of their problems, opinions and needs. This quality helps the cashier to find a suitable solution to the situation.


Logic is required to quickly solve any problems a cashier may be presented with. The cashier may need to decide if a refund should be given, ascertain whether goods are fit for sale or predict potential problems. This quality is especially important if there isn't another member of staff available to offer their opinion or help with a situation.

Well Presented

Companies may be judged by the appearance of their staff. Cashiers are expected to look neat, orderly and well presented when at work. They may have to wear a uniform and adhere to certain rules regarding their appearance.


Cashiers hold a position of trust; they represent a company and work with large amounts of money. They are trusted to provide a good, honest service and ensure all the money that they handle is accounted for at the end of their shift.


A cashier needs to be accurate when dealing with money. They need to be able to count cash and give customers the correct amount of change. They must provide an accurate service at all times, even when carrying out repetitive tasks that can become monotonous and threaten the attention span.

Quick to Learn

Cashiers must be able to learn quickly because they are often trained on the job. They may also need to quickly refresh their basic mathematical skills, to ensure they're confident counting money.


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