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Myers-Briggs Assessment Tools

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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a method of assessing personality type. Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother, Katherine Cook Briggs, developed the test, which was first published in 1943. Neither Myers nor Briggs was a trained psychologist. They based the test on the theory of psychological types described by C.G. Jung, an influential Swiss psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology. The Myers-Briggs tool is the most widely used personality assessment in the world. It has been translated into 16 languages.

Personality Indices and Types

Your test results determine which of the four personality indexes applies to you: Extrovert-Introvert, Sensing-Intuition, Thinking-Feeling or Judgment-Perception. You are then placed into one of 16 personality types. According to Jung, you are born with a predisposition for a personality type, but environmental factors can have an effect. Your true type does not change, and you typically respond most often with the behavior or or attitudes of your personality type.


The Myers-Briggs test is not a "test" insofar as there are no "right" or "wrong" answers. All answers are good. The official Myers-Briggs test requires a person-to-person follow-up by a qualified practitioner. You can, however, take informal personality tests at no cost. Some use the same terminology and personality categories as the Myers-Briggs test. The official test has been revised many times on the basis of ongoing research. Millions of people have taken the test since its inception.

Administration of MBTI

Many centers and organizations administer the Myers-Briggs test. CPP, Inc. publishes the test itself and licenses translations. If you take the test, you will receive the results directly. You will then receive an in-person followup session from an administrator who will help you understand the results. The administrator is nonjudgmental and will not counsel you toward or away from any career, relationship or activity. The online test also includes personalized feedback.

Assessment Uses

The Myers-Briggs test is for healthy personalities. It is not used to diagnose or treat personality disorders. It is not to be used as a condition or determinant for hiring. Businesses can use the personality indexes for such activities as team building, as long as the companies don't reward or punishment people of a certain personality type. People use this test to guide career choices, to better understand relationships, to make better choices, and to understand their own personality.