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Job Description for a Children's Activities Coordinator

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Interacting with children and organizing their activities on a day-to-day basis is the key task performed by children’s activity coordinators. They are responsible for keeping the children busy and suitably entertained. They also motivate children to take part in various activities. They need to be extremely caring and should have an intrinsic inclination for children. This could be a highly rewarding job for those who enjoy the company of children and take pride in seeing them bloom under their guidance.

Research and Planning

A children’s activities coordinator needs to do substantial research regarding the activities and programs that are suitable for a particular group of children. While planning she should keep in mind the needs and interests of the children. She should lay emphasis on entertainment according to their preferences. She should be a meticulous planner as she not only needs to choose a particular activity but needs to keep in mind budgetary and other constraints. She has to work out the details like the description of the activity, expenses and location.

Coordination and Supervision

A children’s activities coordinator is responsible for the coordination of various group activities related to children. He is fully responsible for the supervision of these activities. His job involves arranging special events for children, keeping their need for knowledge enhancement and safety considerations in mind. He could choose visiting a museum, monument or a sports or a musical event. He needs to coordinate with various people for successful completion of the activities. His job involves a lot of public relations and liaison. He also needs to arrange for gate passes or tickets and transportation. Arranging for food and refreshments is a vital aspect of his job profile. Keeping a tab on expenses is crucial, too. In general, all children’s activities are carried out under his guidance and supervision.

Maintaining Records

A children’s activities coordinator is responsible for keeping track of resources, expenditures and programs. She needs to prepare a comprehensive list of future activities so that her co-workers can take appropriate note of their scope and schedule, and prepare accordingly.

Interaction With Staff and Volunteers

It is not always possible and affordable for small communities to have a number of children’s activities coordinators so it becomes mandatory to hire a few volunteers for the successful completion of events and activities. A coordinator’s job involves hiring these volunteers by placing suitable advertisements in the media. He is also responsible for giving the volunteers proper training and guidance so that they can fruitfully cater to the needs of the children. Good communication and interpersonal skills are essential to enable him to effectively perform his job by enlisting the support of other community staff members.


No specific qualifications are mandated for the job of children’s activities coordinators; however, she should have a high degree of practical and creative abilities. This attribute enables her to constantly plan and design activities that hold interest for the children. Proficiency in arts and crafts or sports will be an added advantage. Excellent communication skills, self-confidence and a high degree of organizational ability are prerequisites for a successful career.


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