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Special Skills to Put on a Police Application

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Police officers play many roles in our communities. They respond to crime scenes and protect our schools. They host public awareness seminars and check on the elderly. As an applicant, you want to show that you have the skills to adapt as needed.

Skills to Protect

List leadership roles like management or supervisory positions to show you're responsible and accountable. Use elected positions to emphasize your ability to build rapport and your high standards of honesty, integrity, and moral and ethical judgment. Further, note your ability to work independently or with a team, and include knowledge of tactical procedures, enforcement-related technology or weaponry gained through training or military and security positions. Highlight your physical abilities by outlining participation in events like marathons or achievements such as a black belt in martial arts or fitness certification.

Skills to Serve

Police departments are increasingly focusing on community policing, which involves serving the public. Community policing requires traits such as compassion, empathy and courtesy. Outline public service jobs, such as social work, teaching or health care positions, and note that those roles required interaction with diverse groups, a willingness to help others, strong problem-solving skills and the ability to create a sense of partnership. List volunteer and intern experience to show you're willing to work for reasons other than financial gain. Also include any bilingual abilities, involvement in community programs or skills working with special needs groups, such as children and the elderly.


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