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What Kinds of Jobs Are Available for a 67 Year Old Woman?

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

The types of jobs available for the senior citizens, either to fill time or to augment a Social Security or retirement check vary widely depending the individual's ability and past experience. Many jobs are available that can be done part time and with flexible scheduling, while still leaving open weekends, and avoiding having to sit at a superstore entrance all day with a blue vest on. Available jobs for the elderly can be mentally and physically stimulating, too.


Whether a school or public librarian, few places are better to employ a store of knowledge in an elderly employee than in a library. Library work consists of a higher level of mental acuity work than physical labor. Passionate readers wishing to enter the library field will find quiet, pleasing surroundings, a business casual dress code, and even Sundays off in some areas. Although the position of head librarian often requires a master's degree in library studies, a good foot in the door for any potential employee is to volunteer for a time while expressing your interest in obtaining part-time or full-time employment.

Hospital Assistant

Hospital assistants generally man the reception desks of major city or regional hospitals. They may be responsible for operating a switchboard, transferring calls to the proper departments, staff the hospital gift shop or direct hospital visitors to the proper locations. These positions tend to be part-time with variable scheduling which may only leave you working two days per week or as much as five days per week.

Professional Trainer

Some community colleges do not require teaching certification to train professional courses. While this depends on the accreditation of the institution, there are also ways around this rule. In some states, all that is required to earn a teaching certification is a bachelor's degree and to take a test. For professionals who spend two to three decades in one career field, this provides you with the opportunity to not only continue in a field in which you will need no additional training, but to continue learning in a campus setting. Many colleges and universities attached to community colleges offer free or reduced cost tuition to professors and teachers.

Tour Guides

Tour guides offer tourists an interesting look into the historic past at any of the United States' thousands of historical sites, state parks, federal parks and museums. Tour guides often spend time learning the most interesting details of the site where they are employed, often uncovering interesting tidbits to keep visitors entertained. Many historical sites have staffs of volunteer tour guides, but larger intuitions such as museums and nationally significant memorials or sites may employ several tour guides throughout the year.