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Medical Careers Working With Babies

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Medical Careers Working With Babies If you have a special love for nurturing and taking care of babies, working in a medical career might be right for you. There are many medical careers that involve working with babies. Keep in mind that working with sick babies can be very stressful. Some careers such as bedside nursing require more hands on time, while others, like respiratory therapists, only see the child for a few minutes per session. The requirements of education can vary. Only you can decide which career will be right for you.


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A doula is a birth assistant who offers labor support to a birthing mother during labor. They offer aroma therapy, massage, and intervene for the mother with the medical team. They also help with newborn care during the postpartum period.


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There are several nurses involved in the care of babies. Pediatric nurses work in hospital settings or doctor’s offices. They can be registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, or nurse assistants. Medical assistants can also hire on with a pediatrician and work with babies in a medical setting. Registered nurses can also get advanced training which allows them to work in specialized areas such as the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. (NICU)


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A pediatrician is a highly-trained professional who works with children and babies in hospital and office settings. A few of the many tasks they perform are diagnosing illnesses, treating medical conditions, and prescribing medication. They admit sick babies to the hospital and oversee their medical care. They also provide newborn care after a baby is born.

Obstetricians and Midwives

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Obstetricians and midwives both provide routine care for an expectant mother and then deliver the baby, but their training and backgrounds differ. An obstetrician is a physician. A midwife can be trained in two different ways. A nurse-midwife is a registered nurse with specialized training in delivering babies. A lay midwife also has specialized training to deliver babies, but without the nursing credentials.

Respiratory and Physical Therapists

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Therapists can work with babies in both the hospital and office setting. Respiratory therapists help evaluate, treat, monitor, and care for patients with breathing and cardiopulmonary problems. Physical therapists use physical methods such as massage and manipulation to treat patients of all ages with physical challenges.


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