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Jobs for Really Lazy People

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Really lazy people need jobs too, and there’s plenty out there for those wishing to stay at home or have a leisurely life. Taking your own talents and putting them to good use can result in financial gain. For those wishing to work in the comfort of their own home in their pajamas, consider blogging, testing video games, or becoming a "secret shopper" or a writer as a profession.

Concept Artist

Concept artists make up rough designs and drawings for companies based on a handout sheet of qualifications the buyer is looking for in the sketch. As a concept artist you can get hired to work for movie companies, TV shows, comic book publishers, video game makers and advertising companies, all for doing, in comfort, something you’re talented at.


There is a long list of topics to blog about, and there are plenty of websites willing to pay you for it. Blogging is a lazy person's dream. Simply put, you can stay in your pajamas, drink coffee and munch chips while you work. Unless you are set up with a well established business, blogging will not pay very much. Blogging does, however, enable you to set your own schedule, allowing you time for social activities.

Secret Shopper

While this does require leaving the house, "secret shoppers" get paid to do everyday activities, such as buy groceries or eat at a fast-food restaurant. The job requires you to evaluate customer service and store setup at various locations. Interaction with your boss often means little more than checking your email for your locations and instructions. It's kind of like being a super-spy, but with groceries.

Ticket Taker

Ticket takers get paid to sit or stand at a sports arena, cinema or festival booth and receive tickets all day. There may be a discrepancy in a ticket here and there, and these will require the manager, but for the most part you just take people's tickets.

Online Comics Writer

Online comics are all the rage. Many online comics have huge cult followings that generate money based on ads, clicks and online store sales. Simply find a good idea for a character and a story, and draw up your own comic book in a paint program on your computer. If your comic is successful, you'll hardly have to leave the house.

Video Game Tester

This job does exist. It's the holy grail of video game lovers and really lazy people alike. Testing video games is another job that allows you to sit on the couch all day in your pajamas, but that doesn't mean it's an easy job requiring little skill. Testing video games requires you to work with a development team throughout the game-making process and test the games for bugs and story pacing.


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