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The Best Jobs Working From Home

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

It seems like every other day, there's a new "work from home" job scam. Fortunately, real work-from-home jobs do exist and you can make a living from them. The difference between a scam and a real job is easy: for one, you need to put in time and effort. More companies have began outsourcing to work-at-home workers to cut expenses. There are a few great work-at-home jobs that are continually seeking workers.

Translating and Interpreting

If you speak, read and write in a language other than English fluently, you can work at home as a translator or interpreter. Translators are responsible for translating documents and audio files into another language. According to BankRate, many companies use translators and interpreters to accurately create documents or audio files.

Customer Service Representative

Believe it or not, you can work from home by answering phone calls for a company as a customer service representative. According to an article on ABC News, agents make $8 to $15 per hour. To do this, you need a phone line that is only for company calls, the company's technology on your computer and high-speed internet access. You may have to be available to answer the phone at certain times of day, which should be based on the schedule you provide to the company.


If you make something like jewelry, pottery, clothing, illustrations or other handmade products, you can sell your craft and make money doing it. You can create a seller account on sites such as Etsy, eBay and Amazon. You receive feedback from your customers and can sell products to customers worldwide. To start, you need to have a minimum number of products available, but you can update your store as often as you'd like.

Medical Coding

Medical coders and medical transcriptionists work from home transcribing doctor's sometimes illegible handwriting into understandable documents. Coders work on the behalf of a doctor's office or a hospital, writing down the code for a person's injury or illness and the care they received so the insurance company can be billed accordingly. This position is sometimes outsourced to people working from home with a background in the field that includes medical terminology and experience working as a coder, which saves the hospital money since they don't need to hire full-time staff.