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The Best Data Entry Jobs From Home

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Type in "data entry jobs" or "work from home" on the Google search engine and hundreds, if not thousands, of pages will show up, although not very many of them are legitimate offers for work. Generally, if it looks too good to be true, it most likely isn't legitimate. The best data entry jobs from home can be uncovered if you know where and how to look.

Medical Transcriptionist

According to FutureMT, medical transcription is a fast-growing field of work, where online workers make an median earnings of $15 per hour. To become a medical transcriptionist, seek out an accredited certificate course through online studies or your local community college. Another benefit of medical transcription work is the portability and security of the job. If you want to work in a medical environment, some medical offices pay an hourly rate for in-house workers while other medical transcriptionists never set foot into an office and work from home, although they still must meet strict deadlines.

Temp to Hire Jobs

Visit local temp job agencies for data entry jobs if you already have experience in the data entry field or if you have certificates in certain computer technology programs. According to Marie VanGant, data entry jobs may entail working on computers, which some companies allow you to do from home, while other assignments also require envelope stuffing or package assembling.


Websites such as Freelancer, Upwork, or Scriptlance can help you build a profile as a freelancer or post freelancer services. These websites post freelance jobs and projects for creative and data-entry professionals. If you already have experience in data-entry, computer programming or content generation, then you may find several opportunities to further your career. Scriptlance provides ratings for both freelancers and projects that are available.

Jobs to Avoid

Finding a legitimate data entry job can be frustrating as you weed through flashy Internet sites promising you hundreds of dollars per week or month by performing simple data entry services or taking surveys. Most sites that make these types of promises are scams, designed to get your email address or other information for spamming or identity theft. If a work from home opportunity requires you to purchase a membership or registration, then chances are that it's not a legitimate job.


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