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The Types of Housekeeping

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For busy people with an ample household budget, one of the first ways to save time is to hire help with the housekeeping. Housekeeping jobs work well for people without formal educational degrees. In the field of housekeeping, many types of positions are available.


A maid is a formal type of housekeeping job. The type of cleaning most often includes sweeping, dusting, mopping, possibly laundry and other types of light cleaning. Sometimes maids aid in certain stages of meal activities, which often include light food preparation, or light cleanup afterward. This is typically a minimum wage position.

House Cleaner

Unlike a maid, who will often only be given very light cleaning tasks, a house cleaner's sole responsibility is keeping a house clean and thoroughly sanitized. In addition to light cleaning, such as dusting and sweeping, a house cleaner will scrub, scrape and clean bathrooms. This typically includes scrubbing toilets, removing mold buildup in the shower and dusting floorboards. Window cleaning is also an important part of a house cleaner's job.

Commercial Housekeeping

Many businesses hire commercial housekeepers. A commercial housekeeper provides cleaning services for enterprises such as hotels, cruise ships, motels and office buildings. Duties may include changing bedsheets, vacuuming, dusting and cleaning bathrooms.

Housekeeping Manager

For workers with high school diplomas and possibly some college education, there are opportunities for housekeeping management. This most typically occurs in commercial housekeeping enterprises such as hotels, motels, cruise ships and office buildings. A housekeeping manager is in charge of a housekeeping crew which could range from several workers to several hundred housekeepers. Pay is much higher for a housekeeping manager than the minimum wage often earned by entry-level housekeepers.


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