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Guest House Manager Job Description

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Guest houses are similar to bed and breakfast and inn-style lodging, since they are usually an individual's personal home with guest rooms available for rent. Guest house managers are hired to make sure that the desires of all interested parties, specifically the owner of the house and the paying guests, are satisfied.


The guest house manager job is among the careers found in the hospitality and tourism job sector. The general purpose of this job is to ensure all guest house business operations, including customer service, are up to the standard of the owner's specifications. According to, the prospect for guest house manager jobs is not that good because few new job positions being created, as of June 2010. People who are interested in being hospitable and serving others usually excel working as a guest house manager.

Educational and/or Training Requirements

Guest house managers are required to have at least a high school diploma or G.E.D and/or an undergraduate degree in hotel management, hospitality or business.

Additional experience, such as two to three years working in a hotel management job position, is preferred by most employers.

Job Responsibilities

The main job responsibility for a guest house manager is to supervise support staff, such as cooks and housekeepers, and direct their daily duties. The guest house manager is responsible for keeping track of lodging inventory and cleanliness. Additional professional duties include maintaining records of incoming and outgoing guests, double-checking guest house maintenance work, and attending to guests' personal requests. These duties are important because they ensure that everything around the guest house runs efficiently.

Special Skills

Guest house managers need to have certain skills in order to be effective. First, guest house managers must possess comforting and patient personalities because they will be dealing with many people, such as guests and fellow staff, during their workday. Great communication is another required skill because they will be directing and delegating duties to subordinate employees as well as conversing with guests as necessary. Finally, guest house managers must have flexible time schedules, as they may be required to work irregular hours.


According to, the national average salary for a guest house manager is $40,384, as of June 2010.


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