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Good Things to Put on a Resume

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

A resume is used to inform employers of your overall qualifications and should include just the right amount of details to make an employer want to schedule an interview. Keep your entries short with easy-to-read language, and restrict your resume to one or two pages. Sentences should be specific and to the point, while consisting of 12 words or fewer. It’s essential to include the history of your education, employment, skills and certifications. A good resume never includes salary information.

Personal Contact Information

The employer must have access to your contact information; therefore, include your full name, complete mailing address, phone number with area code and an email address that appears professional. When writing an resume, it is not appropriate to include an online contact address that does not sound professional.

Objective and Skills

Begin with an objective with one brief sentence describing the type of work and position you are seeking. Next, write a paragraph containing only a few short sentences presenting an overall summary of your skills and capabilities.


Show all of your education, starting with the most recent and include degrees, apprenticeships and internships, along with achievement dates and certifications. Add the names and addresses of the schools, and list all pertinent classes under each school's listing.

Previous Employers

Starting with your most recent employer, state all of your past position titles and include the company name, city, state and address and how long you worked for each one. List the duties you performed that are the most significant to the type of work you are in search of.

Personal References

It is unnecessary to add personal references to your resume because they only add to the length of the document and take up space. They should be cited on an unattached sheet of paper with the matching resume headline and taken to the interview in case personal references are asked for.