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Preventive Maintenance Inspection Checklist

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The preventive maintenance (PM) checklist is a form for maintenance personnel to check the condition of a building or mechanical device. Cars, computers, manufacturing machines, buildings and other home equipment have PM checklists available from the manufacturer. Conducting a PM prevents or identifies problems before the problems turn into major damage.

Commercial Buildings and Homes

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Incorporating a PM checklist for commercial buildings and residential homes prevents major damage from occurring. Checking the exterior of the buildings by visually inspecting gutters, windows, frames, siding and roofing identifies possible worn or wearing areas. The interior of the buildings also need periodic inspections on all moving or working parts. Outlets, light switches, ceilings, walls, baseboards and floors slowly wear down over time.

Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning

All heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) requires a semi-annual or annual PM checklist. The manufacturer of each unit provides a PM checklist included in the owner's manual. Large commercial buildings have maintenance personnel perform these checklists and keep them on file. Residential homes have a PM checklist done by the homeowner or service company. Cleaning the units periodically, checking connections, brushing dirt from vents and changing filters are all part of the PM checklist for HVAC systems.


Automobiles also have PM checklists available from the manufacturer. Looking in the owner's manual, the car owner will find a PM checklist for every part of the automobile. Checking the oil, transmission fluid and tire air pressure, and changing the fuel and oil filters are part of this PM checklist. Other aspects of a automobile PM checklist includes when to change the fluids, grease certain parts, inspect the radiator and its fluids, clean and inspect the battery, inspect the belts and look at the hoses for wear. Most of the PM checklist is done by the owner, but automotive technicians also follow the same checklist.

Industrial Equipment

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Every piece of industrial equipment such as machinery, heavy equipment and movable equipment requires a PM checklist. Incorporating and maintaining a PM checklist is the responsibility of the maintenance manager and maintenance personnel. Electrician check electrical equipment, heavy equipment operators inspect the heavy equipment as well as a major PM done by the maintenance technicians. Cleaning and lubricating the machinery is part of the machine operators' jobs, while the maintenance department does a more thorough PM checklist periodically.


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