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Characteristics of a Well-Managed Classroom

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Students, as well as teachers, spend a majority of their time in classrooms and in school. The classroom should, therefore, be a stress-free environment where students and teachers feel comfortable spending so much time. It is essential to have a well-managed classroom to improve classroom efficiency and create an environment conducive to learning. A well-managed classroom is not limited to discipline, unlike the popular belief that discipline is the only vital management skill a teacher must have. There are various characteristics that describe a well-managed and efficient classroom.

Student Engagement

Classroom management includes various aspects, but one of the most vital is that the students are engaged. A well-managed classroom will keep the students engaged at all times in the learning process. Students are involved in the learning process, which helps foster higher-level thinking skills in students. Teaching creatively can be a major factor in student engagement because a lesson that is not interesting will cause the students to stop listening and become distracted. A more creative teaching method will capture the student’s attention and allow them to focus.

Clear Expectations

Expectations such as class objectives are clear in a well-managed classroom. Students know the material they will be tested on, as well as the teacher’s expectations for the various assignments they will be graded on. This also allows for efficiency in the classroom because students manage their time accordingly to move from one task to another effectively. A good way to ensure that students are clear on what the class objectives are is to write the daily tasks on the board at the beginning of each lesson, as well as write any exam dates in a place that students can see regularly.

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Effective Time Management

To minimize wasted time and improve efficiency, a well-managed classroom has good time-management skills. The students know which areas in the classroom are accessible to them, as well as where items are placed in the classroom. They also know exactly what to expect from each class in order to ensure good time management. Procedures for distractions such as using the bathroom are in place to avoid minimizing the time students can spend on tasks during class time.

Positive Work Environment

A positive work environment is one of the main characteristics of a well-managed classroom. Students are comfortable asking the teacher questions. The classroom environment is also stress-free to ensure a good workflow and positive environment. Decorating the classroom, as well as allowing the students to participate in classroom decorating, can help encourage a positive work environment.

Firm Discipline

Discipline is an important factor in well-managed classrooms and one of the main characteristics. Students have clear and firm guidelines on which behaviors are allowed in the classroom and which are not, which allows students to remain disciplined and encourage an efficient workflow. Simple things such as guidelines on going to the bathroom or raising their hands when speaking are in place to help keep a positive and effective work environment. Students should also be given positive reinforcement and praise for appropriate behavior and good work to help encourage them and others in the classroom.

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