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How to Become an In-Hospital Teacher

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Children and adolescents who must be hospitalized can fall behind in school very quickly. In these cases, the in-hospital teacher steps in to help children maintain their academic progress. Becoming an in-hospital teacher is similar to becoming a regular schoolteacher.

A Change in Venue

Teachers must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. In primary grades and middle school, most teachers teach multiple subjects, so a degree in elementary education will usually suffice. But many high school teachers specialize in a field such as chemistry or biology, so you'll likely need a degree in a specific subject area. After graduation, you must complete an internship or residency. A teacher must also be licensed or certified in all states to teach in a public school. Once you have all the necessary credentials in hand, explore the possibility of becoming an in-hospital teacher. Experience as a substitute teacher might help you prepare for in-hospital work, as it requires collaboration with regular teachers and the ability to pick up an educational program in the middle of the process. Some school districts have in-hospital programs to which you can apply. In other districts, you might need to help create such a program.