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Types of Community Development Projects

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A community is more than a group of people living side by side. A community is a place where people care for each other and support the growth of families and children. Community development projects seek to advance communities by influencing employment, health and homelessness. Community development is important for securing the future of the city and its residents.

Homelessness Prevention

The Urban Justice Center in New York, New York, developed a community program aimed at preventing homelessness in the community. The Homelessness Outreach and Prevention Project seeks economic empowerment for low- and no-income families. This community development project is one of many that helps struggling families gain access to public funding and help from the government. The project’s goal is to help lift families out of poverty.

Adult Job Placement

Adult Job Placement Services is a community development program that helps adults in the community find employment. The Greater West Town Community Development Project in Chicago, Illinois, is one community program that works with unemployed residents and local employers. Local companies team with the community organization to target displaced workers. The program provides on-the-job training, job search assistance and empowerment programs. Job placement programs help the economic outlook of communities suffering from high unemployment rates.

Neighborhood Stabilization

A neighborhood stabilization program targets areas hit hard by foreclosures and home abandonment. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development developed the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. This organization purchases foreclosed and abandoned homes in the community. In suffering neighborhoods, abandoned homes may become centers for drugs or other crime rings. A neighborhood stabilization program may demolish the abandoned homes or redevelop vacant properties for productive use. Community development organizations such as this help reduce the foreclosure statistics in the community and improve the overall economic outlook.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence community projects provide relief to survivors of abuse. The program offers a safe haven for survivors and their children to heal. These community development programs are led by people who support and encourage survivors of domestic abuse. A survivor of domestic violence may also learn the tools to take legal action against the abuser. Community organizations provide lawyers to assist in keeping the families safe. A domestic violence community program positively impacts the town by lowering the rates of abuse and loss of life.


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