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Grants for Installing Farm Fencing

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The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers grants to struggling farmers who need to improve their land or agriculture businesses. Some programs allow producers to apply for grants that assist with farm fencing for various reasons.

Livestock & Crop Conservation Grant Program

The Livestock & Crop Conservation Grant Program (LCCGP) provides funding for farmers looking to add riparian fencing to their land. This fencing runs along bodies of water to prevent livestock from entering the water or their waste from washing in.

Chesapeake Bay Watershed Initiative

The Chesapeake Bay Watershed Initiative (CBWI) provides funding to producers to assist with conservation practices. The CBWI helps prevent excess nutrients and contaminants from entering waterways.

Deer Fence Program

New Jersey farmers who have problems with deer eating their crops can apply for the Deer Fence Program. This funding pays for low-income farmers to fence in their crops in hopes of saving them.

County Grants

The USDA provides funding to counties for various projects including conservation and farm fencing. Applicants can apply at their local Farm Service Agency office.


To qualify for grants through the USDA, a farmer or producer must have good credit and be unable to get loans from any other bank. Grants are only given to those who have low income.


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