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Alternative Jobs for Frustrated Teachers

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Teaching can be frustrating, even in the best of circumstances. A variety of career options are available for teachers considering a permanent or temporary career change. These job options allow teachers to utilize the skills they obtained through their career as an educator while offering fresh new opportunities to expand their horizons.

Museum Information Specialist

Museum information specialists perform guided tours through museums and are typically required to be educated on topics related to science and history. Teachers are uniquely qualified to perform the required tasks of a museum information specialist as they are already comfortable with speaking in front of crowds and offering detailed responses to questions that may arise. In addition to being a fresh alternative to the classroom, working as a museum information specialist allows already qualified educators to build upon their knowledge in an variety of subjects.

Motivational Speaker

One of the things that stands out most in a talented teacher is her ability to inspire and motivate students. Motivational speakers are paid professionals that speak to small and large groups of people in schools, private companies and government agencies about an assortment of social topics and issues. Working as a motivational speaker is much like teaching in that motivational speakers encourage each individual to do their very best while providing encouragement along the way. Motivational speakers are typically self-employed and are contracted to lecture on select topics on a one-time or semi-regular basis.

Office Administration

Office administrators, much like teachers, are required to be organized and comfortable in working with the public. Much like teaching, office administrators are required to have excellent record keeping and clerical skills and the ability to manage large groups of people at once. Typical duties of an office administrator include payroll management, issuing employee schedules, handing inter-office communications and maintaining detailed records of office transactions and activities. Office administrators are also often required to handle human resource duties such as interviewing and recruiting new employees.

Child Care Director

Child care directors, much like teachers, work with children but are assigned a more administrative role. Child care directors are typically required to hold a degree relating to the education of young children and are required to be comfortable at working with the public. Child care directors, sometimes referred to as pre-school directors, typically manage child care and pre-school facilities that care for children under the age of five. Duties include the recruiting and training of teachers, maintaining enrollment records, handling financial accounts and ensuring that the facility meets all required state and federal codes.


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