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Good Interests for a Resume

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Putting together a successful resume can go a long way toward making potential employers remember your application. The special interests section of the resume is where you list your hobbies that may make you a more valuable employee. Having an idea of what interests are helpful to put on a resume can ensure that you make a good impression.

Tech Hobbies

Technology-related hobbies can help future employers see you as an asset, especially if the position requires computer work. If you are involved with Internet clubs or are a gadget enthusiast, include this on your resume to give employers insight into your personality.

People Skills

Some jobs require day-to-day interaction with clients or customers. If you have hobbies indicating good people skills, such as being president of a club or running a pro bono service group, put this in the special interests section of the resume.

Literary Hobbies

Hobbies that have a literary angle will let employers know you have an active mind and are well-educated and insightful. If you are an avid reader, part of a book club or write short stories in your spare time, let your prospective employer know.


Being multilingual can come in handy in a work environment where you encounter clients who speak a different language than others in the workplace. If you speak more than one language or are enrolled in a foreign language course, include that information in the special interests section.