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Digital Media Arts Salary

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Digital media arts often focus on the craft and communication of images or messaging through digital media platforms. A course in digital media arts can include 2D animation, 3D animation, sound design, interactive design, digital imaging, typography and motion graphics. By studying for this type of degree, you gain technical skills and artistic ability to conceive, create and produce digital media used in a variety of industries, such as marketing, advertising, animation and gaming. Salaries vary by position.

Marketing Salaries

Marketing isn’t just about advertising and promotions. It’s also about content development, some of which comes to consumers through infographics, which are digital images that relate information about a topic. As of 2014, infographic designers earned $54,500 to $73,000 a year, according to a survey by the Creative Group, a national design and marketing recruitment firm. Marketing agencies also use multimedia, such as presentations, video animation, tutorials and other interactive media, to convey a client’s message, and they need a multimedia designer for such projects. In this position, you could expect to earn $56,250 to $82,250 a year in 2014.

Web Design Salaries

With a background in digital media, you could also work in the design and development of websites. Web designers generally design and maintain websites for companies. Earnings vary by experience. For those with fewer that five years in the field, salaries start at anywhere from $52,750 to $79,500 a year, according to the Creative Group. Those with more than five years of experience earned between $76,750 and $107,000 as of 2014. Some websites come with a Flash feature for multimedia animation. If you specialize in this application, you can earn $60,500 to $88,500 annually.

Mobile Salaries

With more consumers using mobile devices to communicate and gather information, the need for mobile designers has increased. Mobile designers design graphical and functional content for mobile platforms, such as the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. In this position, you can earn $66,000 to $103,000 a year. Mobile developers, who design mobile applications, earned more, bringing home $84,000 to $121,500 a year.

Gaming Salaries

Your background in digital media arts could also lead to a career in the gaming industry. Many positions are available, but you may start out as a production artist, who draws the characters and other images for a game based on the designer’s vision. In this position, you can earn anywhere from $35,500 to $64,000, depending on experience. Using these drawings, 3D modelers convert them into digital images, while 3D animators make these images move. In these positions, you can earn $59,000 to $82,750 and $60,500 to $87,000, respectively. Working your way up to a designer position can mean a salary of $62,750 to $98,250 a year, according to the Creative Group.


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