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Common Uses of Magnets

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Its magnetic force makes it simple to display or to use to meet a specific need. A magnet can be used on a daily basis for business or pleasure. Most often we see magnets on a refrigerator door, but in recent years magnets have been found on vehicles and other new surfaces.


Magnets are often used as a way for businesses to advertise a brand or product. By placing a company logo, phone number, address or website on a magnet, consumers are more likely to be drawn to a specific business. Magnets made for advertisement can be created to be placed on consumers' refrigerators or a large advertisement magnet can placed on a company vehicle. A consumer is more likely to look for a phone number readily available on the fridge than by flipping through the pages of the phone book.


Magnets are often purchased or given as gifts for the purpose of decoration. These magnets can be placed on a refrigerator, vehicle, home appliance or white board. Magnets displayed for decorative purposes often come from a vacation destination, displaying a memory. Vehicles can be decorated with magnets that celebrate family members both living or in memory of a lost loved one, a sports team or in of support research for a specific type of cancer in the form of a ribbon.

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Household Projects

Magnets can be used around the home for projects and clean-up. You can use magnets to locate a metal stud in a wall in order to hang something on the wall. Magnets can also be used to stick a blueprint to the side of a truck for a reference when on a construction site. When it comes time to clean up a project, magnets can be used to pick up metal nails or metal shavings. It is easiest to use an iron horseshoe magnet for these purposes.

Hold Things

Magnets are used to hold information to be easily viewed. Charts, photos, artwork, business cards, grade reports, classwork and reminders can all be held into place with the help of a magnet. Magnets can be used on whiteboards and refrigerators to hold information for family members in a home, students in a classroom or employees at a business. These helpful magnets can come in the form of a clip, specific shape or photo frame.

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