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Jobs for Married Couples

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Working with your spouse allows you to work side by side with your best friend. Other rewards, such as tax breaks and personalized schedules, sweeten the deal. In the current economy, it is common to have a dual-income family -- and it's also more common to have missed vacations and scattered dinner times because of fluctuating work schedules. Finding a job that offers employment to both spouses is not difficult if you promote collective skills to obtain the perfect couple position.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn care requires manual labor such as pulling weeds, manicuring lawns and trimming trees. Couples seeking employment with minimal experience and education can consider working in the lawn industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment is expected to grow rapidly to replace workers who leave the profession. Couples might work with little or no supervision and generally make their own daily schedule. The career can be seasonal depending on location. According to SimplyHired, the average lawn maintenance worker in 2014 made $25,000 annually.

Property Management

Property management positions are available to couples seeking to work side by side managing a community such as hotels, motels, apartment complexes, storage facilities and senior living communities. Backgrounds in property management are always a valuable factor, along with sales and management experience, negotiating skills and maintenance expertise. Rent-free lodging, paid utilities and meals might be included as employment perks to couples. Salaries for property management positions averaged $49,000 in 2014, according to SimplyHired.

Household Management

Butler, driver, maintenance man, pool boy and landscaper might be titles one spouse holds while the other manages housekeeping, chef, gardener and domestic duties. The Butler Bureau reports that domestic couple positions are becoming a popular alternative to hiring several people to fulfill various household duties. Household managers reside at home but are not on call 24 hours a day. The work schedule might vary, but the pay remains the same.

Home Daycare Owner

Pursue an entrepreneurial vision by opening a home daycare center with your spouse. Childcare is an area that requires on-going training, background checks, state inspections and high expectations. Check state regulations to find out what requirements are necessary to own and operate a daycare out of your home. A background in teaching or tutoring is not required, but it can be beneficial when presenting your facility to potential clients. The number of children enrolled will determine the annual salary; the state sets the guidelines for enrollment allotment.