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Body Guard Protection Training Schools

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Being a professional bodyguard involves more than just having a big body and foreboding presence. Bodyguards are highly trained professionals tasked with protecting lives. Typical jobs for bodyguards include protecting celebrities, business executives and politicians. Many bodyguards have military backgrounds, but regardless of your background, you can enroll in a bodyguard school to learn the trade.

Executive Security International

Based in Colorado, Executive Security International is a school that has been in operation since 1980. It offers a variety of bodyguard training programs, including in-person training at the school and distance education training through correspondence courses. The program includes courses on executive protection, corporate security, investigations, shooting, driving, first response and anti-kidnapping. More than 2,000 hours of training are offered to become a certified security specialist or certified protection specialist.

ISA Academy

Established in 1986, the ISA Academy security school has branches in the United States, Europe, Singapore, the Philippines and Lebanon. The school offers courses on topics including firearms training, driving, close protection, diplomatic security, and prepares students to protect both commercial and government clients. Students are also taught about building perimeter safety, bomb detection, dog training and force escalation. Since its formation, the ISA Academy has provided trained agents to several different police forces around the world, the 2000 Olympic Summer Games and United Nations events.

Center for Advanced Security Studies

The Center for Advanced Security Studies offers students an intensive, 28-day training program at its Florida and South American locations. This program teaches all the basics of bodyguard training, including shooting, situational awareness and reading and reacting to surroundings. The school also offers a more focused, 14-day program that specializes in teaching practical applications. While the 28-day course also includes theoretical lessons, the 14-day program is ideal for operators who must learn in a hurry before taking a private security job in a location such as Iraq or Afghanistan.

J.A. LaSorsa & Associates

The training at J.A. LaSorsa & Associates is offered as a three-day course and takes place at several locations throughout the United States. In the intensive three-day training, students learn about executive protection, threat assessment, assassination defense, security perimeters, weapons training and obtaining an executive protection job. Joseph LaSorsa, the founder of the school, has an extensive protection resume, including being assigned to President Ronald Reagan’s Secret Service security detail between 1984 and 1986.