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Salary of a Building Superintendent

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When you pass an apartment complex or commercial building that is nicely landscaped, clean and welcoming, you can probably thank the building superintendent in charge. Building superintendents typically maintain buildings and the grounds surrounding them, including cutting grass, planting decorative flowers and bushes, removing litter from parking lots and performing minor repairs on the buildings. On very large properties, they may hire other people to handle the groundskeeping. A building superintendent's salary often depends on the location where he works.

Work Environment

How hands-on a building superintendent is depends on the facility for which he works. On smaller properties, the superintendent may be very physically involved. He may be the one running the lawnmower, cleaning the sidewalks with a pressure washer and personally responding to maintenance issues from tenants. On large properties, he may spend much of his time in his office or walking the property and delegating necessary jobs to maintenance workers or contractors. A superintendent may be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week in case of emergencies. If the property he works for is an apartment complex, he may even live on site.

National Salary Average

In 2014, Indeed reported that the average national salary for a building superintendent was $53,000 a year. That same year, Simply Hired reported that building superintendents who worked specifically in residential settings averaged $57,000 a year.

State Variances

The salaries of building superintendents are impacted by where they live, as averages can be higher or lower than the national, depending on the state. In New York, for example, the 2014 average income for building superintendents was $65,000 a year, according to Indeed, and in the Washington, D.C., area, the average was $67,000. On the other end, the average in Maine was $47,000 a year and $40,000 in South Dakota.

Property Size

A superintendent's salary also depends on how big the property is and how much in demand his services are. According to Habitat Magazine, small co-ops of about 40 units likely have budgets of $40,000 a year for building superintendents. For those with 300 or more units, in which the superintendent will have to supervise 20 or more employees, the budget may be closer to $80,000 or $90,000. Along with their salary, superintendents may often enjoy perks like free parking, a health club membership and extra vacation time.