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How Much Do Zumba Education Specialists Get Paid?

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Zumba is a fitness routine that is characterized by Latin music and aerobic dance movements. It got its start by accident: Colombian fitness instructor Alberto Perez was on his way to work when he realized he forgot the music he used during his aerobics class. He grabbed the Latin tunes he happened to have in his car and improvised movements during the class. The reception he got impelled him to move to Miami to found Zumba as a real company. By 2010, there were 60,000 locations in 105 countries teaching Zumba.

Salary Averages

In 2013, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that fitness and aerobics instructors of all specialties, including those in Zumba, earned an average of $37,790 a year. The jobs website Indeed's 2014 national average for Zumba instructors was $38,000 a year. How much you earn depends on variables such as how many students you attract and where you live. In California, Zumba instructors earned an average annual salary of $41,000 a year in 2014; in Connecticut, the average was $44,000. They earned less in Louisiana, where the average was $34,000 a year, and Montana, where the average was $32,000 a year.


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