How to Become a Pianist

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How to Become a Pianist. There are several ways to become a pianist. The route you choose will depend on what kind of pianist you would like to become. Your aspirations can range from playing the piano for your local religious congregation, playing for high school chorus or even entertaining in clubs. You may even aspire to be a concert pianist and tour the world.

Find a good piano teacher in your area. No matter what age you begin or how far you want to go with becoming a pianist, you need a good teacher to get you started on the fundamentals.

Focus your attention on learning technique, sight reading and theory. A good teacher will constantly be drilling you on piano scale exercises. She will drill you on chords and fingerings as well.

Make up your mind to practice long and hard. Any musician will tell you that practice is the key to success.

Develop an interest in the classical pieces. Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin pieces are often played at recitals. They are excellent for learning technique.

Relax and have fun with your piano, too. Play some upbeat, fun music. This will prepare you to play in clubs for entertaining if you feel drawn to that arena.

Think about using your growing skills as a pianist to play for your local religious group. Your service will be appreciated and you will gain confidence and build your skills.

Plan to go to college and major in music if you want to become a concert pianist. It takes years of experience and exposure playing in many recitals before you can be a professional.

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