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Genuine Email Processing Jobs

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Spam emails promising a rags-to-riches journey show up in people's inboxes every single day. Many of these make the claim that, with a simple email processing job, you can make hundreds of dollars in a single day. Email processing job offers are very common, but jobs in this field that are legitimate are much rarer and are slightly different than those promised in the scam ads.

Easy Scam Signs

The most important thing to grasp when looking for real email processing jobs is how to spot the scams. Genuine opportunities in the field shouldn't throw up the common red flags of the scams. For instance, anything that promises you several hundred dollars every day is probably a scam. In addition, anything that promises big money for working only a few hours a day is definitely not on the level. Real email processing jobs pay a fairly low wage and require a full day's work, just like any real job. Receiving an unsolicited email about a job offer is also a sure sign of a scam.


In a genuine email processing position, you won't be asked to pay anything for your training materials. In addition, you should actually receive some training. Think of how every other job you've ever got proceeded. Expect the same from a real email processing job. You should have to apply, be screened and then be trained for the position. A company that hires everyone that applies isn't really hiring you at all, but luring you into a scam.

Real Companies

Look for real companies hiring outsourced help if you want to respond to emails from home and make a living. For example, a large firm that receives hundreds of emails every day might need someone to answer those emails, and might be willing to let that person work from home. Look into the background of the company and the industry that they are in to decide if the opportunity is genuine. An established company looking to hire an employee probably represents a genuine opportunity. A company that has only a website and no real contact information is likely a scam.

Customer Support

One place where email jobs can be real is in the customer support industry. Large companies sometimes need people to respond to the inquiries they have about using their products or services. However, these positions often require some training before you can start working from home, including on-site training, so that you are familiar enough with the product or service in question to actually provide support to the company's clients.