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Ideas for Letters to Soldiers

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Receiving a letter from home helps soldiers feel connected to their families and communities and boosts their morale. Whether you are thanking a solider or providing him with needed items, such gestures demonstrate gratitude, appreciation and support for troops stationed overseas.

Thank You

Send a thank you letter to a service person and acknowledge their personal sacrifice and contribution to keeping the country safe. In addition to being in harm's way and living without conveniences they are accustomed to, deployed troops endure lengthy separations from loved ones, often missing milestone events. Thank the soldier for his commitment and affirm that people back home think of the troops often. End the letter by wishing the soldier well, telling him he will remain in your thoughts and that you hope he returns home safely.


If you personally know a service person deployed overseas, write her a personal message, sharing events that are going on back home. While personal letters can spark feelings of homesickness, they can also help a soldier to still feel connected to life back home. Refrain from writing about events that would upset your soldier unless absolutely necessary. If you are in a romantic relationship will the soldier, spraying perfume or cologne on your letter is a sweet and intimate touch.

Care Package

Sending a care package is a wonderful way to let a soldier know you are thinking of him and appreciate his service. Some organizations seek specific items for care packages, often at the soldier's request, while others collect items from a general list. When exchanging letters with your soldier you can ask him what specific items he'd like to receive. If you would like to surprise your soldier, items frequently sent in care packages include drinks such as coffee or Gatorade, toiletries including razors and toothbrushes and magazines or paperback books.

Group Letters

Writing letters to does not have to be done alone and can be incorporated into a larger event. Gather family, friends and local community members together and write letters for a local military squadron. As a group, you can discuss what to include in the letters and also encourage children to draw pictures to accompany the letters. Local vendors may assist in providing a location, stationery and postage.


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