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How to Write a Resume for a Film Crew Job

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For many people, working on a film crew is a dream. If you want to make this dream a reality and secure a job of this type, creating an effective resume is likely your first step. By carefully creating a resume for this job, you can show your appropriateness as a candidate and allow your potential employer to see how your experience would make you a successful crew member for his next film.

Select a template. While you can create your own resume template, using a ready-made one, like those available on many word-processing programs, can save you much time. Use a template as the base for your film crew resume.

Be specific when stating your objective. Don't simply say that you want to work on a film crew but, instead, be highly specific stating what in particular you want to do. By being specific you can show you are knowledgeable and not just someone trying to fulfill a dream of working on something that will appear on the silver screen.

List all film credits. If you have worked on a film previously, state this fact. Create a film credits table in which you list the films you worked on, the dates of their release and the role you played in the creation of each.

List information about your education. If you have formal training in film, include a listing of all schools that you attended as well as the credentials you earned from each.

Provide a list of all equipment with which you have experience. Place this information in the skills section, listing as many specific equipment pieces as possible as the more you list the more likely you are to hit upon a type of equipment that a particular employer will use in his production.

Add industry references. Create a separate references page in which you list any individuals who have agreed to serve as reference for you. For each individual, list a contact phone number as well as address.