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How to Write a Recommendation for a Psychiatric Technician

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A recommendation letter for a psychiatric technician could potentially decide whether he will get the job or not. A recommendation letter is similar to a reference letter, but it is sent to a specific employer. Your recommendation letter is very important, and you should emphasize the candidate's strong qualifications for the position. A recommendation letter for a psychiatric technician should include how the candidate handles crisis and deals with difficult clients, in addition to other situations specific to working in a psychiatric environment.

Address the letter to a specific employer. Place his name and address in the top left corner of your letter. Open your letter with Dear Mr. so and so.

Explain how long and in what capacity you know the applicant in the first paragraph. Mention If you worked with the psychiatric technician.

List the candidate's exceptional qualifications in the next paragraph. Give specific examples. Point out how these skills help the applicant be a better psychiatric technician; for example, staying calm, enabling him to multitask, and being always accurate with medication.

Highlight prior experience, training, or academic achievement that relate to the psychiatric field, such as crisis intervention training, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or experience in a hospital emergency room.

Note your own qualifications, position, and experience in the final paragraph --- to demonstrate how you are a good judge of the applicant's ability.

Add your contact information so that the employer can call you with additional questions. Close the letter by recommending the applicant. Say something like, "So and so is an outstanding psychiatric technician and would be a valuable asset to your team."

Sign your name and proofread your letter.


Do not include any weaknesses in your letter of recommendation.

A recommendation letter should only be one page.


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