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How to Write a Reference for an IT Technician

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A letter of reference explains the skills and achievements of a specific individual. Typically, a letter focuses on the skills necessary for a specific job position or education program. A reference that focuses on an information technology (IT) technician highlights the skills necessary for a job in IT as well as the relevance of the candidate's previous work experience. An appropriate letter of reference uses formal business language and highlights the candidate's strong points.

Ask the IT technician for all of the information required for the letter. Typically, this information includes the desired position, the appropriate address and the name of the person reading the letter.

Write the date at the top of the letter. Under the date, write the address where you are sending the letter.

Address the letter with the appropriate name, if possible. If you do not know the name, write "To whom it may concern" or "Dear Sir or Madam." End the greeting with a colon.

Introduce yourself in the first paragraph. Briefly explain how you met the IT technician and why you are qualified to recommend his talents. For example, write that you served as the applicant's boss while you held a position as the head of IT.

Explain your qualifications in the next paragraph. Include your education history, job history and any special awards you obtained. For example, write that you graduated from Harvard with a degree in computer science. Briefly list your recent job history.

Provide a brief overview of the IT technician in the next paragraph. Explain the job he held while you worked together, including his specific title and company. If possible, include his salary and date of employment. You may wish to include his reasons for leaving if he left to obtain a job of a higher level at a more prestigious company.

Explain why you believe the IT technician is an excellent candidate for the job position. Focus on skills that help him excel in the world of IT such as determination, computer knowledge, programming, troubleshooting and communication. Explain that the IT technician's skills served as a valuable asset to your company and helped increase productivity while decreasing computer issues.

Write a paragraph that provides specific examples of the IT technician's excellence. For example, explain that the candidate diffused a complex computer problem by spending hours attempting different troubleshooting techniques.

Conclude the letter. Write a short paragraph that explains your desire to provide any other necessary information and your contact information. Write "Sincerely," and add your name beneath it.


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