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Duties of a Pharm Tech in a Call Center

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The position of a pharm tech or pharmacy technician in a call center setting includes responsibilities of import such as customer service and prescription preparation. Clerical responsibilities are also part of the job. In addition to technical expertise, a positive attitude toward people and the ability to handle a variety of situations is important. Since the pharm tech will be handling patient information, integrity and respect for patient confidentiality are crucial.

Customer Service Duties

Providing excellent customer service is one of the basic functions of a call center pharm tech. Pharmacy technicians should be respectful of customers and address their needs and complaints promptly. Technicians handle customer queries, and resolve their issues or initiate appropriate steps such as complaint escalation to relevant departments for resolution. In case of queries that require medical expertise, the pharm tech transfers them to the pharmacist. He follows-up calls and in-person customer enquiries to their satisfaction (see References 1 and 2). Technicians are expected to follow call center script and etiquette when talking to customers on phones and in person (see Reference 2). Job duties may also require a pharmacy technician to help patients with their insurance claim and health plan applications (see Reference 2 and 3); as part of these job duties, the technician obtains customer information for such requirements as eligibility verification and benefit-related issue resolution (see Reference 2).

Filling Prescriptions

This is one of the crucial responsibilities of the call center pharmacy technician. The pharmacy technician attends to customer prescriptions and prepares them according to the instructions provided. As part of the prescription filling, the pharm tech finds the specific drugs and fills them in amounts required by the prescription in appropriate vials, bottles or other containers. She then identifies them with appropriate labels, stamps the prescription price on them, and sends the prescription document and price details to the pharmacist for examination (see Reference 3). As a pharm tech, she also checks on drug stock, replenishing those needed and disposing of expired inventory (see Reference 1).

Other Duties

The pharm tech performs other functions such as recording all pharmacy transactions and keeping cash registers up-to-date (see References 1 and 3). He is also responsible for maintaining the pharmacy in a hygienic condition, handling such tasks as cleaning countertops, shelves and sinks, as well as customer areas (see Reference 1). The pharm tech should be alert to all pharmacy processes to identify areas of improvement that can elevate customer service quality (see Reference 2).

Job Essentials

A pharm tech position requires excellent communication and people skills as the job involves a lot of interaction with customers, colleagues and doctors. The ability to read and write English is important to understand written prescription instructions and communicate on a daily basis. Mathematical and computer skills are essential to handle clerical duties. Attention to details is crucial, especially in tasks such as preparing prescriptions. The individual must be flexible as the job may require him to put in long hours, work shifts and even weekends. (See References 2 and 3)


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