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How to Write a Golf Sponsorship Letter

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Sponsorship in cash or kind is essential for the success of golf tournaments. It can also be vital to individual players developing a professional career. To write a tournament sponsorship letter, highlight the benefits of sponsoring your event, provide details of the tournament, and describe the scope, opportunities and costs.

Offer Sponsors Benefits

Sponsors support golf so they can reach an audience important to their business. They may also want to demonstrate corporate responsibility by supporting a charity event. Tell sponsors about the number and demographic profile of spectators you aim to attract. An audience of golf enthusiasts or wealthy spectators represents a great marketing and communication opportunity for sponsors.

Provide Tournament Details

Companies need event details so they can plan their sponsorship programs and allocate budgets and resources. Give dates and times of the tournament, along with details of the facilities and amenities at the golf course. Tell sponsors about the caliber of the golfers taking part, including any high-profile players. Provide information on spectator numbers at previous tournaments.

Offer Flexible Sponsorship Options

To attract a wide range of sponsors and increase potential revenue, offer a number of sponsorship options. A major sponsor might take naming rights on the tournament or trophy. Other sponsors may host hospitality facilities, place logos on event signage or place ads in the program. Some sponsors may want to use their involvement to reward employees with seats at the final green, for example, or opportunities to meet top players.

Explain Tournament Promotion

Telling sponsors how you plan to promote the tournament helps them recognize the event’s marketing opportunities. List the newspapers and magazines covering the tournament and let them know if you have invited well-known golf correspondents. If you have secured radio or television coverage, let major sponsors know about opportunities to place commercials during the broadcast.

Attract Player Sponsorship

If you want to attract sponsorship for an individual golfer, provide information on the player’s ranking and prospects, including details of any tournament wins or important titles. Give details of the player’s tour schedule and the planned media coverage of each event. Include clips of the player’s media coverage. Set out the sponsorship opportunities, including financial support or equipment supply. Indicate how the player will support sponsors by displaying their logos on sportswear, participating in media events or attending corporate functions.


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