How to Type a Cover Letter for a Resume

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Writing a cover letter can be a difficult proposition, but it doesn't have to be. If your resume is a list of your accomplishments, your cover letter is a supplement that states exactly why you're qualified for the job you want. It can also be a way to show that you communicate well in writing, which is a key qualification for most jobs.View your cover letter as a way to enhance your resume and impress your prospective employer.

Review the job listing for the position in question. The listing describes the kind of person the company wants to hire. Use your cover letter as a way to explain why you should be chosen.

Write an introductory paragraph that states who you are, what job you're applying for and how you found the position. If you have a mutual connection or someone who told you about the job, this is the place to drop that name.

Use your resume as a basis for your first body paragraph, which should be a summary of your career so far. Don't go too crazy with referring to your resume, though; you don't want your cover letter to merely be a rehash of your resume.

Compose a second body paragraph listing the accomplishments that have led you to believe you're a good fit for this position. This enables you to include information that's not on your resume, which shows that there's more to you than just what your resume says.

Close your cover letter with a paragraph thanking the reader for her time. If you have the recipient's direct contact information, list a time when you'll call to follow up. By following up successfully, you'll demonstrate your persistence, reliability and professionalism.


Use a font that is professional and is easy on the eyes both on screen and on paper. Letter writing company Write Express recommends using a serif font like Georgia or Times New Roman.

If you're emailing your cover letter, don't attach it. Instead, include the cover letter in the text of the email. Also, keep your cover letter short if you're sending it via email.


Don't rely on your word processor's spell-check tool. Read your cover letter carefully before submitting it. A spelling error can send the message that you don't pay attention to details, which would do a lot to dissuade a company from hiring you.