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How to Study for a Driving Test Online

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Before you earn your right to spend time behind the wheel, you have to pass a written learner’s permit test and road driving test. Both exams require study and practice. Online study aids, such as state driver’s manuals, practice tests and educational videos, can give you an interactive way to prepare. Driving rules and guidelines vary by state; visit the DMV website for your particular state to access the proper online tools

Online Handbooks

Most states have made driver's manuals available to download and view online. Though the manuals may contain over 100 pages of information, the material is broken down into small chapters, each with a particular focus, such as safety, traffic controls and speed limits. With the digital version, you can easily scroll through the pages to pick up where you last left off or focus on a specific section. The downloadable PDF versions, such as those available in California, allow you to highlight or underline important text directly on the page.

Interactive Apps

Driver’s education apps made for smartphones and tablets are interactive tools that can be used as permit test study aids. The apps are state-specific and available for download. After reading the education manual, the apps can be used to view the material in a flashcard format or to test your knowledge in a question and answer session. The apps should be used as a supplemental study aid to the manual rather than in place of reading the guide. The manual offers more complete information and explanations.

Practice Permit Tests

Many state-specific DMV’s provide practice quizzes and tests on their website, some of which are interactive. For example, the test on the Nevada DMV website consists of 10 multiple choice questions, which cover topics such as, getting pulled over for drunk driving, sharing the road with a motorcycle and driving on slippery roads. The site calculates your score as you proceed through the questions. The practice tests and quizzes are free.

Road Test Videos

Many driver’s education schools and organizations, such as the motor club AAA, post videos online. The videos can help prepare a student for the driver’s license road test through its visual tips. The videos show examples of real road occurrences, such as why certain laws of the road are in place, common driving mistakes to avoid and what to do in the event of a collision.