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How to Become a Driving Instructor in CT

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Many people have an ambition to become a driving instructor in Connecticut, but do not know how to go about becoming certified to teach driver's education classes to students. Before you even begin the process, you must first have graduated high school and be at least 21 years old. In addition, you must possess a valid Connecticut driver's license issued from the Department of Motor Vehicles. This means you must also be a resident of the state of Connecticut, as typically the Connecticut DMV will not issue driver's licenses to nonresidents.

Complete and file a driver's instructor application with the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles. The applications can be completed and sent online at the Connecticut DMV main page, or filled out in person at the DMV.

Find out from the DMV where a driver's education course for instructors can be taken nearest to where you live. This course must be completed for you to be a driving instructor, and can typically be found at local driving schools in your town. Attend and complete the four-hour driving instructor education course.

Take the written test at the DMV for a driving instructor's license. You may call the DMV beforehand to set up an appointment for the exam. The DMV will also conduct a background test before issuing you a driving instructor's license.


You may call the Connecticut DMV at (800) 263-5700 for questions or specific information about driver's education courses or setting up a driving instructor's license exam.