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How to Start an Online Traffic School

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As the number of cars on the road continues to increase, so do the number of traffic violations. There is a steadily growing market for traffic schools, and online traffic schools are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience. Starting any business can be tough, but this endeavor entails some extra challenges simply because of the government bureaucracy you will have to navigate in order to become accredited.

Learn the traffic school business. As with any industry, it will be a great help if you have experience in the field. Even if this means taking a job as a teacher or administrator for an existing traffic school for a short time, it will be well worth it to gain an insider's knowledge of how it all works.

Obtain proper business licenses. Complete necessary federal, state, and city or county tax forms in order to operate legally. The Small Business Administration's website is a great online resource; enter the location of your business to learn exactly what types of forms you need to complete and licenses you need to obtain.

Establish a contract with the court system. Each state has its own Department of Motor Vehicles with its own protocol. In California, for instance, each Superior Court contracts companies that accredit traffic schools, so you would need to call the Superior Court to get contact information for the accreditation companies. Florida, on the other hand, certifies directly through their DMV.

Become an affiliate of a certified company. Unfortunately, most courts and DMVs are not likely to certify a new entry into the market. However, certified companies such as, often have affiliate programs in which individuals pay a small fee to use the company infrastructure to set up a new school. This is probably the best way to get experience running a school.

Design your website. If you don't know web design, it is well worth the money to hire a professional to make your site appealing and give you an edge on your competitors. Advertise your price clearly on your home page, along with the fact that certification by your school is accepted by county courts.

Apply for certification directly with your DMV or Superior Court, according to your state. Once you have proven that you can run a program as an affiliate, you will have a much better chance of obtaining certification from the state, after which you can run your business independently without relying on a larger corporation.


Some courts do not allow online certification, instead requiring in-person classes. Verify that this is not the case in the area where you plan to operate the business.


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